Hafeet Dredging LLC’s Consultants Division was formed in 2005, to provide independent, dredging advice and related services based upon his considerable international dredging contracting experience at all levels of operations and management.



Dredging Services Offered

Dredging Services Offered
Special Dredging Expertise
• Project management
• Marketing & Procurement of Spares & Equipments
• Equipment evaluation Site investigations
• Capital Dredging
• Surveying
• Maintenance Dredging
• Expert witness and Arbitration
• Deep Dredging
• Crewing and supervision
• Port Dredging
• Channel Dredging
• Beach replenishment
• River Dredging

H D C has a leading position on the global dredging market, providing expert advice on all aspects of the dredging industry. As we have experienced rapid and sustained growth over the last decade the capabilities of the partnership have expanded, and continue to expand, as the client base increases. Associations have been forged with other consultants to furnish the needs of any client whose requirements may go beyond the in-house expertise.

We are an established international dredging and coastal consultancy operating in over 10 countries with a strong track record of providing effective and creative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging dredging projects. The knowledge, experience and the diverse skills we have acquired over the past 15 years is available for both domestic and international clients. Our specialist consultants work in partnership with clients to identify, define and deliver solutions to complex problems. We are focused on providing high quality, high value professional services to ensure we deliver optimum results and inspire confidence in everything we do to satisfy the needs of our valued clients.

Although many of the contract-related activities are much specialised, we are able to provide a very competitive service to ensure clients receive the best value for money solutions. We invite you to learn more about our activities by exploring our What We Do section and find how our Partnership can assist you with your dredging, engineering, survey, licensing and planning needs.

H D C has a diverse client base with leading International companies which have evolved through close working relationships. The Partnership specialises in all aspects of dredging works and has a long established client base, including:

• Water authorities
• Ports and harbour authorities
• Consulting Engineers
• Oil, Gas & Chemical Industry
• Contractors
• Law practices
• Funding agencies
• Fishing organisations
• Canal operators
• Marina operators
• We advise and assist dredging contractors in the achievement of their ambitions to expand their business into Asia, the Middle East and Caribbean.

The company provides assistance in the forming of alliances, consortiums and joint ventures for specific projects through its global industry network. The same network allows H D C to provide advice, intelligence and operational support to achieve strategic goals in take-overs, mergers, acquisitions or forms of co-operation. H D C develops and implements strategies for corporate identity and successful reputation management and provides marketing and Public Relation services.

Branch specialist services include:

• Feasibility Studies Analysis of technical and financial project performance, Project organisational review and performance audits, Assistance in the tender preparations
• Maintenance Dredging
• Capital Dredging
• Hydrographic Surveying
• Land Reclamation
• Beach Replenishment
• Marine Dredging
• Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution - Dispute resolution through expert witnesses, mediation and arbitration assistance
• Site Supervision - Provision of project management staff and also assisting and advising to procure spares and equipments related to dredging industry

H D C Consultants partners with Employers and General Consultants in their search for most economic solutions available in the dredging industry.

H D C’s added value to Employers and Consultants is found in the following fields:

- Conceptual dredging solutions,

- Compilation of dredging budgets,

- Evaluation of dredging bids and contractor’s qualifications,

- Management staff to supervise dredging works,

- Assistance in disputes, mediation and arbitration procedures.
Marine charter
In order to be self supporting, H D C operates and owns varies types of support equipment such as, crane barges, cargo barges, work boats, split hopper barge and other related marine plant and equipment.
Depending the requirements for their equipment on the various projects, H D C provides compatible charter contracts for all interested parties.
Survey services
To demonstrate compliance to dredging specifications, H D C operates a fully equipped and professional survey department. Topographic and hydrographic surveys are a key part of dredging and reclamation operations. Therefore H D C always has been a self-provider for the dredging and reclamation related surveys, associated with the works.
Up-to-date hardware such as DGPS & RTK positioning systems, multibeam echosounding systems, single & dual frequency echosounders in combination with state of the art motion sensors, sound velocity profilers, etc. provide the hardware infrastructure for the accurate execution of any hydrographic or topographic survey requirement.
Our survey team is available for both internal and external survey activities and is very keen to demonstrate that high quality of survey works can go hand-in-hand with low rates.

Hafeet Dredging is embarking on high profile projects in major upcoming locations We, always believed in the concept of total quality and complete customer satisfaction as the key to achieve our cooperate goals and enjoy the pleasure of attaining genuine success.Our managerial and executive work forces have a clear understanding of the cooperate culture and leave no stone unturned in their effort to achieve our goals and high standards. Past years maintaining these standards has always remained a top priority, giving Hafeet Dredging a vital edge in all its endeavors.


Apart from quality, we understand the importance of providing a personal touch on the customer service front. In order to retain and enhance the efficiency
and quality of services, we always prepare our pragmatic policies to keep pace with fast changing technologies and to achieve the desired results.


Our Vision

To be known as the premier trendsetting regional Dredging Company based in Abu Dhabi. To be seen as an equal opportunity employer of the best talents worldwide whilst developing local talent.


Our Mission

To provide the best services of highest quality with the latest technology as per with the international standards. We will seek every business opportunity
that match our values and growth demands and provide world class service ensuring world class returns; hence give back to the local community a share of its success.


Our Quality Policy

It is our policy  always supply quality and services that continuously meet the needs and expectations of its customers by:

• Offering quality /services that meet the customer requirements

• Consistently monitoring, measuring and proving the level of customer Satisfaction.

• Continuously upgrading the process and systems to be as per with international quality standards.

• Providing appropriate/adequate training to all the employees to enhance their skills and contributions to meet the growing needs of the market. In order to consistently achieve these ,Hafeet Dredging Company is wholly committed to the implementation and maintenance of quality management system with the full cooperation and teamwork of all its employees. In striving for continual improvement, the quality management system and quality objectives will be periodically reviewed by the management to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with the requirements of international quality standards.Our company guarantees high quality and scheduled performance for all kinds of dredging and reclamation works

List of Company’s Assets includes ;IHC Beaver8000 cutter suction dredger, tugs, bulldozers, cranes, drilling machines, pipe-layers, and composite pipes of 
various diameters, hydro graphic and land survey equipments etc...
The main area of activities for the company is Dredging & Reclamation of land. The Middle East is experiencing major land reclamation projects such as ‘The Palm’ and ‘The World’ Project in Dubai. ‘Al Raha’ in Abu-Dhabi, ‘The Peal’ in Qatar’ and ‘Durrat Al Bahrain’ are the major dredging and reclamation projects undergoing currently. Hafeet Dredging is looking to be an active force in the Dredging industry.
In a short span of 1 year the Company was awarded a prestigious contract by the Abu Dhabi Municipality & Town Planning department for execution of Dredging & Reclamation works in Mussafah – Abu Dhabi, then was invited to Kingdom of Bahrain for executing various projects.
CSD ‘HAFEET’ 1 with some of its floating line .
The Company is dedicated to providing expert dredging, hydraulic and   land reclamation services. These highly professional services are based on years of worldwide project  experience  and  will , therefore,  result  in  the  most cost effective dredging project for our clients. We have very sound technically competent personnel and professionals for executing projects. They have decades of experience in the field of Dredging & Reclamation.