Our Company guarantees high quality and scheduled performance for all kinds of Dredging and Reclamation works.
Dredging  and  Reclamation  for  new  port  construction  or  existing port reconstruction
Dredging new waterways in harbours, inland waters and offshore areas
Dredging to maintain existing waterways depth
Replacement of bottom ground
Depositing soil hydraulically
In washing of road beds
Mining Reclamation
Delivery of dredged materials (sand, gravel) to building sites
Trench dredging for underwater pipelines and cables
Underwater pipelines and cables protection
Shore protection and beach restoration
Survey and underwater inspection of dredged areas, dumping grounds and approaches
Placing bedding materials and installation of concrete blocks and masonry dams, moles, breakwaters and protective walls
Jetty and pier construction
Underwater engineering works
Integrated design and engineering.
Hydro-technical works.